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Friday, May 18, 2012

Thak you - Aba!

Bulgarian Jews

Removal of all the monuments in the Bulgarian forest in Israel

The former Deputy Speaker of the Bulgarian Parliament, Blagovest Sendov, and a group of four other "intellectuals" (among which a Bulgarian of Jewish descent - Angel Vagenstein) commit an act aimed against Bulgaria. They send a letter to the Israeli President asking for the removal of the monuments of all those who acted to save the Bulgarian Jews. The monuments to be removed are: HM Boris III and HM Queen Giovanna, Dimitar Peshev (Deputy of the parliament at that time), the Bulgarian Patriarch and the Bulgarian people.

The Jewish National Fund decides to appoint a commission to decide the future of the memorials. A press-release is issued.

Articles in the Bulgarian newspapers. Bulgarians and Jews of Bulgarian descent oppose the move and voice their concern that the monuments will be removed from the Bulgarian forest in Jerusalem:

Via E-mail (Dr. Paul Münch)

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