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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Stolen from Carl

Pigs fly, 
Haaretz publishes Pamela Geller
Haaretz publishes an op-ed by Pamela Geller, and Pamela knocks 'em dead (Hat Tip: Bad Blue).
Why are we exhorted to initiate dialogue with Muslims, while there’s never talk of the Islamic Jew-hatred that has motivated 1,400 years of Muslim persecution of the Jews?

The root cause of the ongoing war against Israel is Islamic Jew-hatred: Quranic chapter and verse served up as a daily diet in the “Palestinian” media. The same Islamic Jew-hatred that fueled the alliance between Hitler and the leader of the Muslim world, the Mufti of Jerusalem. “Making friends” won’t eradicate that hate.

Where is Kaplan’s discussion of the 1,000,000 Jews who were expelled from Muslim lands in 1948, when Israel was established? We hear much about how Muslims were supposedly expelled from Israel, but they were told to leave by their leaders, who said they could come back after Israel was destroyed. How is that the Jews’ fault?

How does it make Spencer and me haters if we discuss the root causes of the enmity that many Muslims feel for Jews?
Read it all - she's spot-on. And she even got away with putting 'Palestinians' in quotes every time she used the word.

Mahmoud Zahar, a top Hamas leader in the Gaza Strip, revealed Monday that he has obtained Egyptian citizenship thanks to an Egyptian law that allows Palestinians born to Egyptian mothers to become Egyptian nationals.


 The real Q is:- Was his mother - Jewish?!...

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