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Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Response Letter

Dear Israel,

You honor us with your welcome letter.
You’ve been busy, we know.  If you had time to watch the news, you’d see that we’ve taken your advice.  We are protesting in Syria.  We are protesting in Palestine.  We are not protesting in Iran, but you’re working on that situation, aren’t you?
We don’t want to be ungracious guests, but we couldn’t help but point out some small errors in your letter.
-You say that you are a democracy, but Palestinians cannot vote.
-You say that you allow criticism of your government, but Europeans cannot enter your country to perform peaceful protest.
-You say that you allow humanitarian organizations to operate freely, but the last time a humanitarian organization from Turkey tried to deliver aid to Palestine, you shot them, at close range, in the face.
Our own leaders issue insane denials very much like yours.  When we protest in Syria, we are terrorists.  When we protest in Egypt, we are zionist sympathisers.  And now, when we protest in Israel, we are anti-semites.  Only the supporters of tyranny credit such lies.  Everyone else sees through them.
You denigrate the Arab tyrants.  Good.  But consider this.  Hosni Mubarrak waited weeks to massacre protestors.  Muammar Gadafi waited weeks to masacre protestors.  Even the butcher of damascus, the firon Bashar Assad, showed restraint at first.  However, on Nakba day, March 15, you showed no such weakness.  You opened fire on unarmed protestors without hestiation, killing 13.  Truly your efficiency is unmatched.  What would you do if the protests continued, within your borders?
We do not come here to fight, as others have fought their own leaders.  We come to wage nonviolent, peaceful jihad, and to pray, to make supplication to God Almighty, your God and ours, that your hearts will turn, and you will end your unjust, brutal occupation of Palestine.
History will not judge you based on your silly letter, but on whether or not you kill innocent protestors, including women and children, without right.  God Almighty will not judge you for the words that issue from your mouth, but He knows what is truly in your heart, and all the actions you send forth.
It is not too late to change.  
When you do, we will welcome you.
Israeli Police

  Brutal Israeli Policemen- Raping a young protestor!

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