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Friday, March 30, 2012

The Castle of the Jews

20 thousand Palestinians gather in Jordan near Qasr al - Yehud, opposite Jericho, considered as the site of Jesus' baptism. So far, no reports that they approached the border.
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Qasr el Yahud or Kasser Al Yahud (Arabic language: قصر اليهود‎, lit. the Castle of the Jews) is baptism site in the Jordan River Valley in Israel. It is the traditional spot where the New Testament narrative of the baptism of Jesus took place (Matthew, 3: 13-17). According to tradition, it is also the place where the Israelites crossed over the Jordan River into the "Promised Land"... and Elijah the Prophet ascended to heaven.  
Yalla Beitar! Yalla!

 30 - 03 - 2012 18:00
The main rally marking the 36th year of the "Land Day" in Deir Hanna has ended a short time ago (Friday) with a demonstration attended by thousands, carrying Palestinian flags and chanting slogans. 
Chairman of "the Monitoring Committee of Israeli Arabs", Muhammad Zeidan, blessed in his speech "the martyrs, who sacrificed their lives not only for the Palestinian victims living in Israel but for the entire Arab nation"  


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